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Motorcycle Earplugs

Motorcycle Earplugs

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to noise induced hearing loss that is predominantly caused by wind-noise, not just traffic and engine noise, but the rush of wind and the high pitch whine as it passes through the tiny gap in your visor or top vent. Even at speed as low as 50mph (80kph) the wind noise inside the helmet can reach 85dB which is the figure generally regarded as the point where some kind of ear protection should be used. At 70mph (115kph) this figure can be as high as 105dB and of course beyond these speeds wind-noise increases further still. The recommended daily exposure to this noise level is just 15 minutes. Our attenuating generic and custom-fit earplug solutions as well as earplug/headphone combinations to keep you safe and entertained. Read Motorcycle hearing loss and be aware of the facts and the reasons to use earplugs whilst on a motorbike. Earplugs Return Policy.


3M 1100 Foam Earplugs

Soft and Comfortable 3M 1100 Foam Earplugs
From 3.25 (+ 20% VAT)

3M 1271 Reuseable Earplug

Comes Complete with Storage Case 3M 1271 Reuseable Earplug
From 1.45 (+ 20% VAT)

Alpine Plug and Go

New Multi-Purpose Earplugs Alpine Plug and Go
From 5.99 (+ 20% VAT)

E.A.R. Podplugs Express

Pod for Simple and Quick Insertion E.A.R. Podplugs Express
From 4.65 (+ 20% VAT)

Hearos Skull Screws Earplugs

An Earplug with Attitude Hearos Skull Screws Earplugs
From 5.50 (+ 20% VAT)

HearTech QuietEar Earplugs for Motorsports

Hear at a Safe Level HearTech QuietEar Earplugs for Motorsports
From 4.24 (+ 20% VAT)

Heartech Silentear Earplugs

The World's most effective Multipule use plug Heartech Silentear Earplugs
From 4.24 (+ 20% VAT)

Hocks Noise Brakers for Motorsport

Generic Earplug with Noise Braker Filter Hocks Noise Brakers for Motorsport
From 12.72 (+ 20% VAT)

Howard Leight MaxLite

Disposable Earplugs SNR34dB uncorded Howard Leight MaxLite
From 1.95 (+ 20% VAT)

Howard Leight Maxlite Corded

Corded earplugs 34dB SNR Howard Leight Maxlite Corded
From 2.80 (+ 20% VAT)

MicroBuds Racing

Low Profile Monitor with excellent sound isolation MicroBuds Racing
From 113.00 (+ 20% VAT)

Moldex Comet Earplug

Uniquely soft design Moldex Comet Earplug
From 0.90 (+ 20% VAT)

Moldex PuraFit

The High Protection Earplug Moldex PuraFit
From 1.80 (+ 20% VAT)

Moldex Rockets

Durable, soft, washable and totally comfortable Moldex Rockets
From 0.99 (+ 20% VAT)

Moldex Spark Plugs

Earplugs with a sexy look Moldex Spark Plugs
From 0.99 (+ 20% VAT)

Motorcycle MicroBud with ProGuard Custom Fit Eartips

Ideal for Motorcycle and Motorsports Audio. Motorcycle MicroBud with ProGuard Custom Fit Eartips
From 104.95 (+ 20% VAT)

Motorcycle MicroBuds

Smallest Earphone on the Market Motorcycle MicroBuds
From 25.52 (+ 20% VAT)

ProGuard BikerPlugz

Designed to reduce wind noise ProGuard BikerPlugz
From 12.49 (+ 20% VAT)

ProGuard Custom Cleaning Accessory Kit

Look after your ProGuards ProGuard Custom Cleaning Accessory Kit
From 14.95 (+ 20% VAT)

ProGuard Custom Motorcycle and Motorsports Earplugs

Superb Noise Protection and Comfort. ProGuard Custom Motorcycle and Motorsports Earplugs
From 99.95 (+ 20% VAT)

ProGuard Custom MYO

Mould Your Own earplugs ProGuard Custom MYO
From 3.95 (+ 20% VAT)

ProGuard Fleximonitors MK2 Custom Earphones

Now with Interchangeable Driver ProGuard Fleximonitors MK2 Custom Earphones
From 219.00 (+ 20% VAT)

ProGuard Noizezz Sleep Earplug

HIGHEST NOISE BLOCKING ProGuard Noizezz Sleep Earplug
From 16.65 (+ 20% VAT)

ProGuard Noizezz Universal Earplugs

From 16.65 (+ 20% VAT)

Z Zone by Design-Go

Custom Fit Design Z Zone by Design-Go
From 6.80 (+ 20% VAT)
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